There are two main ways that you can share stories through Nova Narratives: complete submissions and assisted submissions. Before submitting a story, please review the submission guidelines below.

Complete submissions are stories that are fully written with photos and links. All materials should be emailed to novanarratives@gmail.com with the subject line “COMPLETE SUBMISSION - Story Name.”

Assisted submissions are for those who would still like to share a story, but do not have the capacity to compile the story components themselves. Story notes should be emailed to novanarratives@gmail.com with the subject line “ASSISTED SUBMISSION - Story Name.”

To get an idea of the pieces we will be featuring, please review the stories page. Please keep in mind that all stories become the property of Nova Narratives and are subject to revision by our editorial staff upon submission. Original writers will be credited.

Submission Guidelines

There are three parts we would like to receive with each submission: photos, stories, and links.

1 - Photo

  • Profile, head shot, or full body shot; make sure not to cut off any limbs in the framing of your photo

  • Natural photo that depicts the subject in their "element"--at work, at school, at home, etc.

2 - Story

  • Word Count: 300-500 words; longer stories will be accepted on a case-by-case basis

  • Be objective, but use an honest voice

  • Don't exaggerate, but feel free to use an authentic tone to accurately describe any hardships and/or controversial issues

  • Show, don't tell your subject's story; use examples

    • For example: "Margarita is a hardworking individual." vs. "Margarita regularly wakes up at dawn to get started on the morning's list of chores, which includes preparing breakfast for the seven children and adults that reside in the house. After successfully sweeping her room, cooking, doing the dishes, tidying up the kitchen, and getting her daughter dressed for school, Margarita hurries to then prepare for her job as a teacher at a preschool across town."

  • Try to focus a story around a topic or issue (i.e., homelessness, gender inequality, access to education, etc.); however, aim not to reduce your subject to that issue

3 - Links/Organizations

  • If you are aware of any organizations or web pages related to your story, please include the links in your submission. This can include anything that sheds more insight into the topic/issue around which your story is centered.

Ethical Considerations

  • Quotes and paraphrases must be true to what is said with absolutely no content fabrication. Any modification of what is verbally said or written for the sake of clarity must be indicated by brackets ("[]").

  • Please be aware of the impression that the story may suggest; although a quote may be accurate, it may contextually give off the wrong message. Be wary of not presenting subjects in a false light.

  • People are not their issues. For example, a person is not a diabetic; he or she is a person with diabetes.

  • Please adhere as closely as possible to Associated Press (AP) Style